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14 Ways To Keep Your Team's Spirits Up During The Colder Months

After the excitement of the start of the season fades away, winter can feel near endless. Even if you don’t live somewhere with snow and below-freezing temperatures, the colder winter months can often lead to a decrease in morale.

Making the extra effort to keep everyone’s spirits up in the winter can have profound effects on your team’s productivity and overall satisfaction. That's why we asked Forbes Business Council members to share how they boost their employee’s morale during the coldest months. Keep Them Warm And Cozy

Good feelings are contagious. While some feel gloomy when the holidays are over, I personally am energized by the cold. We bundle up and go for group think walks. We have warm drinks available and keep the fireplace going all winter long. People can do their work in the great room by the fire. There are soft blankets and a sense of homeyness and community that makes a great difference. - Sharon Lynn LivingstonThe Livingston Center for Professional Coaching READ FULL ARTICLE HERE:

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